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Michael Flemmens
VP of Technical Business Development at SōRSE Technology
absorption (pharmacology), alternative medicine, anti-predator adaptation, appetite, attention, blinded experiment, blood alcohol content, botany, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabinoid receptor type 2, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cannabis industry, chemical substance, clinicaltrials.gov, coffee, coffee bean, coffeehouse, coronavirus disease 2019, diesel fuel, distillation, dose (biochemistry), food, food and drug administration, hospital, ibuprofen, in vitro, innovation, laboratory, ligand (biochemistry), medication, molecule, nutraceutical, pain, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacokinetics, randomized controlled trial, red bull, solvent, starbucks, steam distillation, supercritical fluid, tetrahydrocannabinol, women's health
Travis Chrisman
CEO at Coastal Labs
attention, bank, blinded experiment, bodyguard, brick and mortar, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabis, cannabis (drug), clinicaltrials.gov, coffee, coffee bean, coronavirus disease 2019, credit card, crime, diesel fuel, distillation, electronic cigarette, fence (criminal), financial crime, food and drug administration, hospital, hsbc, ibuprofen, in vitro, innovation, jpmorgan chase, laboratory, mastercard, medical cannabis, molecule, money laundering, paypal, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacokinetics, price, randomized controlled trial, steam distillation, supercritical fluid, suspicious activity report, tetrahydrocannabinol, underwriting, united states department of agriculture, united states postal service, visa inc., women's health
Daniel Sliva
CSO & Founder at DSTest Laboratories
allosteric regulation, anti-inflammatory, antiviral drug, aspirin, assay, attention, bioavailability, biology, blinded experiment, book, bootleg recording, brand, brand loyalty, breast cancer, cancer, cannabidiol, cannabidiol is, cannabinoid, cannabinoid receptor, cannabinoid receptor type 1, cannabinoid receptor type 2, cannabinol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cardiovascular disease, cell signaling, chemical substance, chemistry, chromatography, chronic pain, cigarette, clinical trial, clinicaltrials.gov, coffee, coffee bean, common sense, coronavirus disease 2019, crisis management, diesel fuel, dietary supplement, direct-to-consumer advertising, distillation, dose (biochemistry), drug, drug test, end-user, endocannabinoid system, experiment, first, pass effect, flax, food, food and drug administration, fraud, gastrointestinal tract, germination, good manufacturing practice, green tea, hemp, hepatotoxicity, high-performance liquid chromatography, hospital, ibuprofen, in vitro, infection, inflammation, innovation, insomnia, intravenous therapy, iso/iec 17025, knowledge, laboratory, ligand (biochemistry), lipid, marketplace, medication, melatonin, micro-encapsulation, mining, molecule, nabiximols, nanoparticle, national institutes of health, nutraceutical, occupational safety and health, omega-3 fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acid, organ transplantation, osteoarthritis, packaging and labeling, pain, paracetamol, peripheral neuropathy, petroleum, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, psychoactive drug, randomized controlled trial, reason, receptor (biochemistry), recycling, reliability engineering, research, right to know, risk, route of administration, sense, serotonin, sleep disorder, social supports, steam distillation, steve jobs, supercritical fluid, taste, terpene, tetrahydrocannabinol, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, tetrahydrocannabivarin, the end-user, thin-layer chromatography, toxicity, vitamin, warranty, waste, water, women's health
Bryant Jones
Plant Scientist, Herbalist at University Of Minnesota
1996 california proposition 215, adolescence, agriculture, agronomy, american chemical society, amino acid, aphid, attention, automation, bacteria, bicycle, biological pest control, biotechnology, blinded experiment, brand, candy, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabinol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cannabis cultivation, cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, carbon dioxide in earth's atmosphere, carbon sequestration, charlotte's web (cannabis), chemist, chemistry, clay, clinicaltrials.gov, coffee, coffee bean, concept, consumer confidence, coronavirus disease 2019, crop rotation, cultivar, cultivator, curveball, decomposition, diesel fuel, dietary supplement, distillation, dna sequencing, dominance (genetics), drink, due diligence, ecology, ecosystem, education, endocannabinoid system, engineer, entourage effect, experience, farmer, farmers' market, fda warning letter, fertigation, fertilizer, food and drug administration, fungus, gardening, gene, generally recognized as safe, genetically modified crops, genetically modified food, genetically modified organism, genetics, genomics, germination, glyphosate, good manufacturing practice, grasshopper, greenhouse, gummy candy, hamburger, hash oil, health claim, hemp, herb, heterosis, hospital, hot chocolate, ibuprofen, impatiens necrotic spot virus, in vitro, infection, innovation, insect, integrated pest management, interdisciplinarity, ion, ion-exchange, irrigation, irrigation in viticulture, laboratory, lavandula, lawyer, learning, maize, market (economics), mediation, medical cannabis, medication, medicinal plants, microbiota, microorganism, mind, molecule, monopoly, mycorrhiza, natural environment, natural resource, natural selection, news, nitrate, nitrite, nitrogen, no-till farming, nonprofit organization, nutrient, nutrition, organic certification, organic farming, organic matter, over-the-counter drug, pansy, password, pathogen, pest control, pesticide, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacokinetics, pharmacovigilance, phenotype, phloem, photorespiration, photosynthesis, phytochemical, plant breeding, plant nursery, plant tissue culture, plant virus, question, race (human categorization), randomized controlled trial, recycling, research and development, research, and development, retail, reverse engineering, root, sales, sampling (statistics), scott gottlieb, sense, silt, slider (baseball), smoking, social media, social stigma, soil, soul, soybean, steam distillation, sucrose, supercritical fluid, supply chain, surface runoff, sustainability, technology, terpene, tetrahydrocannabinol, time, tomato, traceability, transpiration, tree, united states department of agriculture, united states farm bill, vegetative reproduction, videotelephony, virus, vitis, washington (state), water, weed, wheat, women's health, xylem
Becky Lynn
Founder & CEO at Evora Women's Health
attention, blinded experiment, breastfeeding, cannabinoid, cannabis, cannabis (drug), chronic pain, clinicaltrials.gov, coffee, coffee bean, coronavirus disease 2019, diesel fuel, distillation, endocannabinoid system, endometriosis, endometrium, estrogen, fallopian tube, follicle-stimulating hormone, follicular phase, food and drug administration, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, hospital, ibuprofen, implantation (human embryo), in vitro, innovation, laboratory, lordosis behavior, luteal phase, luteinizing hormone, menstrual cycle, miscarriage, molecule, ovarian follicle, ovary, ovulation, pain, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacokinetics, pre-eclampsia, progesterone, randomized controlled trial, steam distillation, supercritical fluid, tetrahydrocannabinol, uterus, women's health