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Guy Rocourt
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Papa and Barkley
1996 california proposition 215, agriculture, analytics, antioxidant, apple, biochar, biodiesel, brand, brewery, business model, butter, calibration, cancer, candy, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabinol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, certificate of analysis, chemical engineering, chemist, chemotherapy, chromatography, classified information, clinical trial, coconut oil, colorado, compliance training, critical mass, cultivar, dietary supplement, dominance (genetics), dose (biochemistry), dose (biochemistry)?, doses (biochemistry), electrical equipment in hazardous areas, electronic cigarette, endocannabinoid system, engineering, entourage effect, ethanol, farm, farmer, fat, fda warning letter, feeling, flower, food, food and drug administration, freeze-drying, generally recognized as safe, ginger, good manufacturing practice, gummy candy, hash oil, hashish, hemp, herb, high-performance liquid chromatography, ice, impatiens necrotic spot virus, infection, intrinsic safety, inventory, irrigation in viticulture, juice, laboratory, laboratory., lavandula, liquid, market (economics), marketplace, median lethal dose, medication, medicinal plants, mining, monopoly, natural selection, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, nutraceutical, occupational safety and health, occupational safety and health administration, oil refinery, olive, olive oil, ontario, opiate, opioid, orange juice, organic compound, over-the-counter drug, packaging, and labeling, pain management, pathogen, pepsi, personal protective equipment, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacovigilance, pharmacy, phase (matter), phenotype, physician, phytochemical, piano, plant, plant breeding, plant nursery, plant tissue culture, plant virus, plumbing, prescription drug, pressure vessel, quality management system, rancidification, reason, regulatory compliance, rheumatology, root, rose, rosin, scott gottlieb, sedative, shelf life, shore durometer, south carolina, soybean, steel, steel-toe boot, supermarket, systemic lupus erythematosus, tax, technology, terpene, terroir, tetrahydrocannabinol, theory, tree, trichome, turmeric, united states farm bill, vegetative reproduction, vermont, virus, vitamin c, vitamin e, vitis, volatile organic compound, warehouse, washing machine, water, wheat, whole foods market, xfinity
Martin Reed
Co-Founder at Curian
brand, business model, cannabidiol, cannabis (drug), classified information, clinical trial, dose (biochemistry), food and drug administration, hashish, hemp, intrinsic safety, market (economics), marketplace, median lethal dose, medication, nutraceutical, over-the-counter drug, pepsi, pressure vessel, shelf life, shore durometer, tax, theory, washing machine, xfinity
Steven Bennett
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Prescott Logic Technologies Ltd.
alternative medicine, amphetamine, animal testing, antioxidant, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bioavailability, brand, breathing, business model, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabis, cannabis (drug), chylomicron, classified information, clinical trial, conversation, cytochrome p450, digestion, dose (biochemistry), drug, drug test, enzyme, facebook, food and drug administration, hashish, hemp, instagram, intravenous therapy, intrinsic safety, lobbying in the united states, market (economics), marketplace, median lethal dose, medical cannabis, medical prescription, medication, medicine, nutraceutical, over-the-counter drug, pepsi, pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, physician, prescription drug, pressure vessel, reality, receptor (biochemistry), receptor antagonist, reputation, retail, science, shelf life, shore durometer, social media, tax, tetrahydrocannabinol, theory, understanding, vaporizer (inhalation device), washing machine, word-of-mouth marketing, xfinity
Catherine Sidman
Vice President – Sales at Cascade Sciences
accuracy and precision, accuracy, and precision, best practice, brand, business model, calibration curve, cannabidiol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), certificate of analysis, classified information, clean water act, clinical trial, confidence interval, dose (biochemistry), drinking water, end-user, food and drug administration, gas chromatography, hashish, health care, hemp, high-performance liquid chromatography, intrinsic safety, iso/iec 17025, laboratory, market (economics), marketplace, mass spectrometry, median lethal dose, medical cannabis, medication, nutraceutical, over-the-counter drug, peer review, pepsi, pressure vessel, reason, sampling (statistics), shelf life, shore durometer, significant figure, significant figures, statistics, tax, tetrahydrocannabinol acid, theory, variance, washing machine, xfinity
Darwin Millard
Lead Process Train Engineer at Millard Masonek Solutions
apple, biochar, biodegradation, biodiesel, brand, business ethics, business model, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, classified information, clinical trial, competition, compost, cultivar, dose (biochemistry), electronic cigarette, environmental remediation, farm, farmer, feeling, food, food and drug administration, good manufacturing practice, hashish, hemp, intrinsic safety, iso 9000, litter, litter box, market (economics), marketplace, median lethal dose, medication, nsf international, nutraceutical, occupational safety and health, over-the-counter drug, pepsi, pesticide, phenotype, plastic, pressure vessel, quality management system, recycling, reputation, risk, safety, shelf life, shore durometer, specification (technical standard), supermarket, tax, terroir, tetrahydrocannabinol, theory, washing machine, waste, waste management, water treatment, whole foods market, xfinity