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Philip Northcutt
Founder, CEO at Sierra Gold Hemp
assay, biology, brand, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cannabis industry, chemical substance, chemistry, chiller, cigarette, compressor, conversation, credit, dairy, dairy farming, debt, dietary supplement, dose (biochemistry), drug, facebook, food, forklift, germination, good manufacturing practice, green tea, hemp, instagram, internet, investment, investor, iso/iec 17025, knowledge, lobbying in the united states, medical prescription, medication, occupational safety and health, over-the-counter drug, packaging and labeling, petroleum, pharmacology, prescription drug, reality, receptor (biochemistry), receptor antagonist, recycling, reliability engineering, reputation, retail, risk, sales, sciatica, social media, startup company, supply chain, tetrahydrocannabinol, tractor, understanding, vertical integration, violin, waste, word-of-mouth marketing, working capital
John MacKay
Founder at Synergistic Tech Research
accuracy and precision, acid, adenosine diphosphate, alkane, alpha-pinene, analytical chemistry, analytics, antioxidant, apple, assay, avery gilbert, bacteria, bioavailability, biofuel, biology, biotechnology, bit, blackberry, book, bootleg recording, botany, brand, brand loyalty, breakfast, breast cancer, brewery, butter, calibration, cancer, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabinoid would be, cannabinol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, cannabis smoking, cannabis strain, carbon dioxide, centrifuge, certificate of analysis, certification, certified reference materials, chemical compound, chemical equilibrium, chemical substance, chemist, chemistry, chromatography, cigarette, cis–trans isomerism, clinical trial, coconut oil, coffee, coffee preparation, colorado river, column chromatography, compliance training, contamination, conversation, countercurrent chromatography, court, crisis management, critical mass, crystal, crystallization, decaffeination, delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, diet (nutrition), dietary supplement, distillation, double bond, dynamic light scattering, eicosapentaenoic acid, electrical equipment in hazardous areas, electrospray ionization, elution, end-user, entourage effect, epilepsy, ethanol, evaporator, experiment, expert, extraction (chemistry), farmer, field of dreams, filtration, first pass effect, fish oil, food, fraud, frosted mini-wheats, fume hood, gas, gene, genetics, genomics, germination, good manufacturing practice, green tea, hashish, heat, hemp, herbal medicine, hexane, high-performance liquid chromatography, horticulture, humidity, hydrogen, hydrophile, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, infection, information, institutional review board, inventory, iso/iec 17025, isomer, juice, knowledge, laboratory, laboratory glassware, laboratory., lecithin, light, lipophilicity, liquid, m&m's, macintosh, marketplace, mass spectrometry, measurement, medical cannabis, medical prescription, medication, membrane, mill (grinding), mining, mirror, mixture, molecular mass, molecule, motion, national institutes of health, natural product, nothing, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, nutraceutical, observational error, occupational safety and health, occupational safety and health administration, odor, oil refinery, omega-3 fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acid, ontario, orange juice, organic chemistry, organic compound, over-the-counter drug, oxygen, packaging and labeling, packaging, and labeling, paper chromatography, partition coefficient, password, personal protective equipment, pesticide, petroleum, ph, ph meter, pharmaceutical formulation, pharmacognosy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, pharmacy, pharmacy school, phase (matter), physics, pipette, plant, plumbing, potato, pre-medical, prescription drug, principal component analysis, question, rancidification, ratio, reason, recrystallization (chemistry), recycling, regulatory compliance, reliability engineering, reproducibility, research, right to know, risk, river, root, rotary evaporator, sampler (musical instrument), scattering, science, scientific community, scientific method, sedative, sesame, simulated moving bed, small molecule, sodium bicarbonate, solubility, solvent, spectroscopy, spectrum, star, starbucks, statistics, steel, steel-toe boot, stimulant, stove, subscription business model, supercritical fluid, supercritical fluid chromatography, supercritical fluid extraction, superheated water, synthetic cannabinoids, tax, technology, temperature, terpene, tetrahydrocannabinol, tetrahydrocannabinol acid, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid synthase, tetrahydrocannabivarin, the end-user, the matrix, thermodynamics, thin-layer chromatography, time, tractor, tree, truth, ultraviolet, ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy, uncertainty, understanding, vitamin, vitamin c, vitamin e, vodka, warehouse, warranty, waste, water, waters corporation, wheat, yield (chemistry)
Daniel Sliva
CSO & Founder at DSTest Laboratories
allosteric regulation, anti-inflammatory, antiviral drug, aspirin, assay, attention, bioavailability, biology, blinded experiment, book, bootleg recording, brand, brand loyalty, breast cancer, cancer, cannabidiol, cannabidiol is, cannabinoid, cannabinoid receptor, cannabinoid receptor type 1, cannabinoid receptor type 2, cannabinol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cardiovascular disease, cell signaling, chemical substance, chemistry, chromatography, chronic pain, cigarette, clinical trial, clinicaltrials.gov, coffee, coffee bean, common sense, coronavirus disease 2019, crisis management, diesel fuel, dietary supplement, direct-to-consumer advertising, distillation, dose (biochemistry), drug, drug test, end-user, endocannabinoid system, experiment, first, pass effect, flax, food, food and drug administration, fraud, gastrointestinal tract, germination, good manufacturing practice, green tea, hemp, hepatotoxicity, high-performance liquid chromatography, hospital, ibuprofen, in vitro, infection, inflammation, innovation, insomnia, intravenous therapy, iso/iec 17025, knowledge, laboratory, ligand (biochemistry), lipid, marketplace, medication, melatonin, micro-encapsulation, mining, molecule, nabiximols, nanoparticle, national institutes of health, nutraceutical, occupational safety and health, omega-3 fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acid, organ transplantation, osteoarthritis, packaging and labeling, pain, paracetamol, peripheral neuropathy, petroleum, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, psychoactive drug, randomized controlled trial, reason, receptor (biochemistry), recycling, reliability engineering, research, right to know, risk, route of administration, sense, serotonin, sleep disorder, social supports, steam distillation, steve jobs, supercritical fluid, taste, terpene, tetrahydrocannabinol, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, tetrahydrocannabivarin, the end-user, thin-layer chromatography, toxicity, vitamin, warranty, waste, water, women's health
Savanah St. Clair
Professor and Chair at Los Angeles Pierce College
agriculture, baby food, bat, callus (cell biology), cannabinoid, cannabis, cloning, coffee, commodity, earth, embryo, flower, food, fungicide, genetically modified organism, germination, irrigation, leaf, market (economics), micropropagation, mind, nature, pesticide, plant breeding, plant cell, plant hormone, plant stem, plant tissue culture, powdery mildew, resource, root, science, seed, soil, somatic embryogenesis, stem cells, sterilization (microbiology), sugar, sustainability, tissue (biology), wine, winemaking, xylem
Bryant Jones
Plant Scientist, Herbalist at University Of Minnesota
1996 california proposition 215, adolescence, agriculture, agronomy, american chemical society, amino acid, aphid, attention, automation, bacteria, bicycle, biological pest control, biotechnology, blinded experiment, brand, candy, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabinol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cannabis cultivation, cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, carbon dioxide in earth's atmosphere, carbon sequestration, charlotte's web (cannabis), chemist, chemistry, clay, clinicaltrials.gov, coffee, coffee bean, concept, consumer confidence, coronavirus disease 2019, crop rotation, cultivar, cultivator, curveball, decomposition, diesel fuel, dietary supplement, distillation, dna sequencing, dominance (genetics), drink, due diligence, ecology, ecosystem, education, endocannabinoid system, engineer, entourage effect, experience, farmer, farmers' market, fda warning letter, fertigation, fertilizer, food and drug administration, fungus, gardening, gene, generally recognized as safe, genetically modified crops, genetically modified food, genetically modified organism, genetics, genomics, germination, glyphosate, good manufacturing practice, grasshopper, greenhouse, gummy candy, hamburger, hash oil, health claim, hemp, herb, heterosis, hospital, hot chocolate, ibuprofen, impatiens necrotic spot virus, in vitro, infection, innovation, insect, integrated pest management, interdisciplinarity, ion, ion-exchange, irrigation, irrigation in viticulture, laboratory, lavandula, lawyer, learning, maize, market (economics), mediation, medical cannabis, medication, medicinal plants, microbiota, microorganism, mind, molecule, monopoly, mycorrhiza, natural environment, natural resource, natural selection, news, nitrate, nitrite, nitrogen, no-till farming, nonprofit organization, nutrient, nutrition, organic certification, organic farming, organic matter, over-the-counter drug, pansy, password, pathogen, pest control, pesticide, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacokinetics, pharmacovigilance, phenotype, phloem, photorespiration, photosynthesis, phytochemical, plant breeding, plant nursery, plant tissue culture, plant virus, question, race (human categorization), randomized controlled trial, recycling, research and development, research, and development, retail, reverse engineering, root, sales, sampling (statistics), scott gottlieb, sense, silt, slider (baseball), smoking, social media, social stigma, soil, soul, soybean, steam distillation, sucrose, supercritical fluid, supply chain, surface runoff, sustainability, technology, terpene, tetrahydrocannabinol, time, tomato, traceability, transpiration, tree, united states department of agriculture, united states farm bill, vegetative reproduction, videotelephony, virus, vitis, washington (state), water, weed, wheat, women's health, xylem
Wesley Maguire
Chromatography Manager at Columbia Food Lab
accuracy and precision, assay, biology, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabis, certificate of analysis, certification, chemical substance, chemistry, cigarette, court, dietary supplement, dose (biochemistry), food, food and drug administration, fungus, germination, good manufacturing practice, green tea, hemp, inquiry, iso/iec 17025, kashrut, knowledge, measurement uncertainty, occupational safety and health, packaging and labeling, pesticide, pesticide residue, petroleum, product liability, recycling, regulatory compliance, reliability engineering, reputation, risk, tetrahydrocannabinol, traceability, uncertainty, validity (statistics), waste, whole foods market
Alex Seleznov
President at Pure Hemp Botanicals
accuracy and precision, advertising, analytics, assay, biology, brand, brand awareness, brands, business-to-business, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabis, certificate of analysis, certification, chemical substance, chemistry, cigarette, consumer behavior, content marketing, coupon, court, dietary supplement, digital marketing, dose (biochemistry), food, food and drug administration, fungus, germination, good manufacturing practice, green tea, hemp, inquiry, instagram, iso/iec 17025, kashrut, knowledge, lead generation, measurement uncertainty, misinformation, occupational safety and health, online shopping, packaging and labeling, pesticide, pesticide residue, petroleum, pricing, product liability, promotion (marketing), recycling, regulatory compliance, reliability engineering, reputation, retail, return on investment, risk, social media, social networking service, target audience, testimonial, tetrahydrocannabinol, traceability, uncertainty, validity (statistics), waste, whole foods market, yelp
Anthony Smith
President at EVIO Labs
absorbance, assay, audit, benchmark (crude oil), biology, brand, cannabidiol, cannabinoid, cannabinol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), certification, chemical substance, chemistry, chromatography, cigarette, cosmetics, dietary supplement, distillation, dose (biochemistry), employment, engineer, food, food and drug administration, food safety, fractional distillation, gas chromatography, germination, good manufacturing practice, green tea, hemp, high-performance liquid chromatography, international organization for standardization, iso 22000, iso 9000, iso/iec 17025, knowledge, laboratory, medical device, motivation, occupational safety and health, organic chemistry, outlier, packaging and labeling, petroleum, quality assurance, quality management, quality management system, recycling, regulatory compliance, reliability engineering, risk, safety, standard deviation, temporary work, tetrahydrocannabinol, tetrahydrocannabinol acid, thin-layer chromatography, ton, traceability, ultraviolet, verification and validation, waste